Omtronica, the convergence of spirituality and electronic sound, is the brainchild of acclaimed DJ Alyson Calagna. Beyond Trance and Tribal this new wave of rhythmic poetry brings both sensuality and connection to those whose ears fall gracefully upon it. Its hypnotic beats will ignite creative passion to elevate the soul, awaken the sub-conscious to expand the mind, and raise energetic frequency to unleash the unlimited potential that lives within us all.The pure and timeless essence of this new evocative sound knows no bounds, and Calagna as it's creator, has artfully planted the seeds of intention inside it's breathtaking baseline. It calls to unite us in the celebration of dance, love, life and the power of music. For those who seek, look no further, Omtonica has been found.

Q & A with Alyson

by Mickey Weems

MICKEY: Tell us about yourself. Are there elements of your personal history that are incorporated into Omtronica?

ALYSON: Because I spent part of my childhood being raised in Dubai, I was surrounded by Middle Eastern music. There is something so mystical and deep about their sound, it continually would fascinate me and draw me in. I can also remember being drawn to spirituality as a child, always finding myself going into new-age stores but not really knowing why. It was interesting growing up American in country that worships Allah. I was very curious about people's beliefs and often wondered how one God can truly be different than another. Omtronica is simply a way for me to blend the two most important things in my life, music and spirituality.

MICKEY: We know that dancing at Circuit parties & festivals can be spiritual. Since you've played a role in the scene, does some of that spirituality that comes about when people get together and dance all weekend?

ALYSON: Dancing is a spiritual experience. It's that simple. When we dance, we are liberated, we can fully express who we are. Dancing has the unmistaken power to open us up, which in turn raises our vibrational frequency and tunes us in with what we really want to achieve. I have had some of the most inspiring moments of my life on the dance floor. It was actually there that I received the calling to the booth which manifested the career I am living out today. I think the moments when we are able to let go and dance with complete abandon that we begin to hear what our truth is.

MICKEY: In terms of traditional religion, the name Omtronica brings to mind yogic-Hindu spirituality, such as meditation and kirtan. Are there also elements of Gospel (Christian), Sama (Sufi Muslim), and Orisha (Old World/New World African) praise?

ALYSON: Om or Aum is a Sanskrit word that stems from Hinduism. Om in a whole represents Source, God, light, or however you view that field. Musically it is said to be the sound of the universe, the most sacred Mantra. Omtronica represents the unlimited powerful connection of source through sound. Whether I create a track that has Gospel influence or Buddhist influence, it still represents Om and the intention that drives it.

MICKEY: Let's explore techniques of ecstasy. What are the elements in the music that you use to create your spiritual soundscape?

ALYSON: I like to think of the music in forms of our seven chakras. Rhythm is the basic foundation, drums are the root and represent the root chakra. It's what grounds us into earth, it's what keeps us moving. Sacral is where we feel the sexual energy, bass and low frequencies, this is where desire lives. The Solar Plexus is where we hold our power, whether it's a fierce track or uplifting, the synths and energy reside here. Our Heart Chakra is pretty, open and free: strings, pianos and pads. The Throat Chakra is where we sing, whether it's uplifting or a little dark, it's from where we communicate. Third Eye is the equalizer. Its purpose is to see, to know where the frequencies need to sit in order to be in balance and in harmony, Third Eye/Equalizer is the watcher. Finally, where it all comes together, is in the Crown Chakra, pure bliss, pure source, this is what ecstasy calls home.


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